Contact Your Elected Officials

Contact List

The following elected officials are on the SANDAG Board of Directors and will be voting on the Vehicle Mileage Tax. Full SANDAG Board can be found here.

Sample Letter

Please feel free to use the below template to send a letter or email to your elected officials.

Dear Elected Official,

Thank you for serving our community as an elected official. It is much appreciated.  As my elected representative, I am calling on you to hear me and support me.

The Vehicle Mileage Tax proposal that SANDAG is considering would cause a significant burden upon our community and will have a major detrimental impact on our region’s economy.

While I support expanding public transportation, I do not support funding it via taxing me on my daily commute.  This will significantly increase my monthly expenses. The people putting these plans together fundamentally believe that mass transit is the only acceptable approach, and thus, come at it from that vantage point of finding ways to sell that belief and force its implementation on others.

As a resident of the state of California, I already pay a significant tax for each gallon of gas purchased and a substantial fee to register my vehicle every year.

No matter how many taxes I pay, it never seems to be enough.

With these reasons in mind, I respectfully request that you oppose the Vehicle Mileage Tax.