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Are there any forecasts on how SANDAG is going to bring in the revenue for its projects dealing with the 2021 Regional Plan?

What are the predicted costs of the 2021 Regional Plan?

Does SANDAG’s website include its predictions on the costs relating to the 2021 Regional Plan?

Have workers working remotely, as well as companies using hybrid/electric vehicles, been factored into the predicted costs associated with these new projects?

Will the new proposed train centers in North County lead directly into San Diego’s airports for individuals who use air travel for work?

How is SANDAG coordinating with the regional planning organizations of Riverside and Temecula on the implementation of these new projects?

In the event that constituents do not vote for the new proposed taxes, is there an alternative plan for funding?

Has SANDAG considered the effect the VMT tax will have on employees having to commute to work, which would then extend to employers?

Do residents of San Diego vote on the VMT tax?

With Governor Gavin Newsom taking $1.1 billion from the transportation fund and using it to fund other projects, has SANDAG stood up to the state government on behalf of projects that rely on that funding?

Will the statement, “SANDAG play games,” made by the SANDAG official in regards to funding be explained?

How successful are current transportation methods with alleviating traffic and fulfilling the goals SANDAG sets out to achieve?

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